Thursday, August 27, 2009

eMetrics Goes Social

If you haven’t heard of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit by now, you’re missing out. Founded by Jim Sterne, Web Analytics guru and widely recognized Godfather of Web analytics. This is the original #measure conference. With topics that delve into the real issues of Marketing in today’s world, eMetrics places its finger squarely on the pulse of digital marketing endeavors across the globe.

Most recently, the eMetrics establishment launched a user group on LinkedIn to keep the conversation flowing in the months when there’s not a Summit event near you. Additionally, they introduced a Blog Partners program to further spread the good word about eMetrics. I’ve been a regular blogger about my experiences at eMetrics for years, but now have the opportunity to synthesize my ramblings with other like-minded bloggers. And of course, eMetrics has its own hashtag to follow the buzz on Twitter whether you’re attending or sitting at your desk wishing you were there. Follow #eMetrics.

I’m proud to say that I’ll be participating in the upcoming Summit in Washington D.C. on October 20-23. Jim Sterne informed me and my fellow keynote panelists that he was breaking his own protocol by inviting analysts (myself and Bill Gassman of Gartner) and consultants (Stephane Hamel and Laura Patterson) to speak this year. The majority of the D.C. sessions will feature marketing practitioners who will share their stories of success and recount the ways in which marketing optimization has benefited their organizations.

If you’re planning to attend; please seek me out to say hello. If you’re on the fence; here’s a discount code for 15% off a 3-day pass to eMetrics D.C. [JOHNLOVETT09]. Or if you just want one analyst's insight on this event; feel free to drop me a line.