Saturday, August 4, 2007

Online Content Speaks Volumes

As published on the Aberdeen Group web site in June, 2007.

Online content is information delivered via the online channel to entice, educate and drive action on the part of consumers. Sixty-two percent of respondents deliver online content to specific market segments, compared to 34% that deliver to a general audience. That leaves only four percent that are tailoring content for unique individuals at this time. But as with all things Internet, expect change. Effective web content provides targeted messages to attract customers into a web site followed by consistent, timely and relevant information to guide them through the online experience. The goal of these actions is to culminate in a desired result such a sale, qualified lead or submitted application. The objective of this study is to explore methods that companies use to build the efficacy of their web content management and delivery efforts with the goal of increasing revenue, maximizing marketing effectiveness and delivering a better online customer experience.

Click here to view a PDF of the entire report.

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