Friday, April 4, 2008

If I were holding the checkbook...

I’m no equity analyst, nor do I want to play one on TV…so I’ll speculate on what I think Coremetrics should do with their new $60M in series E funding. (If you want the equity take, here’s a post from the

Shout from the Rooftops
Coremetrics maintains widespread notoriety among analytics pros, yet there’s a big wide Web out there just entering the shallow end of the analytics pool. Coremetrics should invest in marketing programs to increase awareness and position themselves as the next step in Web analytics solutions.

Take on the Jolly Green Giant
While the green glow of Omniture will be tough to shadow, competition is good for everyone. Omniture has been the Web analytics powerhouse of 2007, but if anyone has the chops to make a run at them – Coremetrics is poised to do so. As a smaller and potentially nimbler organization, Coremetrics has a chance to shine on service, support and [retail] vertical expertise.

Shopping Spree

Well, not really a spree since $60M ain’t what it used to be, but perhaps an acquisition. Adding multivariate testing capabilities or fortifying their search marketing solutions wouldn’t hurt. Coremetrics has been successful at creating tools for the marketer and should look to acquire technologies that make it increasingly easy to execute on strategic functions without technical intervention. The greatest opportunities may be around optimizing search and ad spending.

Continued Commitment to Development
Glimpses of the Coremetrics’ 2008 roadmap foreshadow significant improvements. Enabling the data to work for their clients by providing greater access and visualization is a priority, but embracing the reality of increased consumer control is a necessity. Social networks, UGC and the voice of the customer are creating a cacophony of insight. Someone needs to figure out how to make sense of it all and convert data into action.

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